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Newborn Baby Willow

Gorgeous newborn baby Willow was an absolute delight for her photography session with me. She came to see me in my Sydney Inner West photography studio. Once she settled into a nice deep sleep, we got lots of different shots of her in different props, blankets and family shots with her besotted Mum and Dad. She’s absolutely divine. Congratulations again to her lovely Mum and Dad.

In other news, our major renovation is about to start so we’ll be packing up soon and moving for the remainder of the year and part of next year. We haven’t yet chosen a place to live but we’ll be staying pretty close in either Balmain or Annandale. I’m a little sad that our home for the last 15 years and the only home our little ones have ever known is going to be partially demolished in the next month or so. Can you tell I’m a sentimental soul? I’m concentrating on the huge positives that will come from the new version of our home when it’s completed next year – lots more space, and a dedicated studio space (Wahoo!).

Just as a reminder for prospective newborn clients – The best time for newborn photography is when your baby is around a week old. Unfortunately I get so many enquiries from new parents after their baby has already arrived and I am just not able to fit them in. Moral of the story – if you’d like to get your baby’s newborn photos with me, please get in touch and book your spot as soon as you can while you’re still pregnant. I really hate having to disappoint people so please don’t delay getting in touch.

Best wishes!

Amy xx


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