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5 Week Old Baby Iggy

Sweet little Iggy was a bit older than what I normally suggest for his newborn baby photos. At 5 and a half weeks old he was past the curly, sleepy newborn phase (usually less than 2 weeks old) and was into older baby territory. While parents don’t really notice the difference, there is a huge change in babies between birth and a month old – especially when it comes to taking their photos! Generally, babies more that 2 weeks old will be awake for their session and are no longer capable of curling up into poses. For babies like Iggy who are that little bit older, I aim to capture a more natural look for their photos. I like to wrap babies of this age (otherwise their arms flail about!) and get some sweet shots of them, hopefully with a few looking at me

I photographed baby Iggy’s older brother when he was a newborn. This family were some of my very first clients when I was just starting out in newborn photography. It’s really special to be able to see past clients families grow over time.

Congratulations again to you all and welcome to the world little Iggy.


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