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Inner West Photography Studio - Moving

I have some very exciting news to share. I’m moving!! My beautiful new Inner West photography studio will still be located in Balmain. I’ve been a baby photographer in Balmain since I first started photographing babies back in 2012. Instead of working from home though, I’ve taken the exciting step of leasing a beautiful shop-front in the heart of Balmain.

Working from my home studio, whilst convenient, has had lots of challenges. Keeping my house neat and tidy before my clients arrive with 2 little ones has been rather tricky at times. I have spotted crayon on the wall mere minutes before clients are arriving! It has also been tricky to separate my work and home life with the two blurring into a multi-tasking nightmare at times. Now my 2 children are in school and preschool, I’m looking forward to being able to give my business the undivided attention it deserves.

For many years I’ve been dreaming up what my studio space could look like. I’ve been adding pins on Pinterest and drooling over other people’s amazing beautiful spaces. I’ve felt a bit creatively claustrophobic…. working out of a tiny space for the last 5 years has been really hard. I’m looking forward to having lots of room to be able to push myself creatively. And to be able to provide my clients with a beautiful space that I’m proud of.

My beautiful new studio space in Balmain….. opening in just a few short weeks on Beattie St

I’m going to be very busy over the couple few weeks getting my dream space ready for my clients. Bringing the space to life is so exciting! I can’t wait to welcome my first clients there in July!

To see the space taking shape, be sure to follow me on Instagram:

Amy xx


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