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Blooming Memories: Delicately Incorporating Florals into Newborn Photography Sessions

The delicate softness of a newborn, intertwined with the gentle beauty of florals, creates an ethereal tableau of peace and serenity. By incorporating florals into your newborn photography session, you memorialize not just the precious beginning of a life, but also the blossoming of a new family. Let’s explore some enchanting ways to infuse the freshness of florals into your newborn’s pictures.

1. Floral Wreaths:

  • Creating a Halo: Position a soft floral wreath gently around the baby, symbolizing protection and purity.

  • Above the Head: Suspend a floral wreath above the baby’s head, creating a heavenly aura.

Tips: Choose soft, pliable stems and hypoallergenic flowers to ensure comfort and safety.

2. Blooming Backdrops:

  • Wall of Roses: Set up a vertical wall of soft roses as a backdrop, providing a dreamy environment.

  • Scattered Petals: Scatter gentle petals around the baby, ensuring they are large enough to avoid any choking hazards and freshly picked to avoid crispness.

  • Flowery Backdrops: Select fabric backdrops with a floral design to photograph your baby on.

newborn baby girl in a basket with a floral background
Adding florals to your newborn photo setup is a gorgeous way to make your photos stand out. Photo by me - Amy Tong Photography.

3. Floral Baskets:

  • Bed of Flowers: Line a basket with soft fabrics and lay down fresh or silk flowers, placing the baby gently on top.

  • Basket Bordered: Adorn the rim of the basket with intertwined flowers, ensuring that they are firmly secured.

** Safety Note: Always prioritize your newborn's safety and ensure any basket setups are stable and secure. **

4. Blossom Canopy:

  • Overhead Florals: Construct a light canopy of intertwining florals and vines above the baby, giving an outdoor, fairy-tale aesthetic.

  • Suspended Blooms: Hang individual blooms securely overhead, ensuring that they are well out of reach and fastened securely.

5. Floral Garlands:

  • Garland Drapes: Draping floral garlands along the edges of blankets or fabrics adds a subtle touch of freshness.

  • Tiny Crowns: Craft petite crowns using delicate flowers, ensuring they are soft and lightweight for the baby’s head.

  • Simple Floral Headbands: Including flowers doesn't have to be over-the-top. Sometimes less is more. You can opt for a simple floral headband for a sweet rustic feel.

a sleeping newborn asleep wrapped with a white floral headband
You can include florals in a more minimalistic way with a simple floral headband. Photo by me - Amy Tong Photography.

6. Family Florals:

  • Handheld Blooms: Parents can hold a bundle of flowers, symbolizing the gift of life and new beginnings.

  • Matching Florals: Incorporate the same florals into the parents' accessories, such as a corsage or boutonniere.

7. Seasonal and Symbolic Flowers:

  • Seasonal Picks: Choose flowers that are in season to represent the time of the baby’s arrival.

  • Symbolic Blooms: Select flowers with meanings. For example, daisies symbolize innocence, while olive branches represent peace. Or perhaps you might like to choose a flower from your wedding bouquet.

Incorporating florals into newborn photography sessions adds an enchanting layer of natural beauty and symbolism. As you weave through the soft petals and gentle hues, always prioritize safety and comfort. The intricate blend of blooms and babies allows us to celebrate not just new life, but the blossoming journey ahead. May every photograph bloom with the sweet memory of these initial, precious moments. Wanting to include florals in your baby's photo shoot? I'd love to hear from you.

Amy xx


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