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A Month by Month Journey - Capturing Your Baby's First Year Through Photography

The first year of a baby's life is filled with remarkable changes and milestones. Through professional baby photography, you can capture these fleeting moments and preserve them for a lifetime. Here is a month-by-month guide to what you can expect to capture during professional baby photography sessions from newborn to one year.

Newborn (0-1 month):

Newborn sessions ideally occur within the first two weeks after birth. Babies at this age are usually curled up and sleep a lot, making it the perfect time to capture serene, dreamy photos. Expect images of your baby swaddled in soft blankets, posed in baskets, or even gently cradled in their parents' arms.

One to Two Months:

By this age, babies start stretching out and becoming more alert. Photos can capture your baby's wide-eyed curiosity, interaction with parents, and even the start of their first smiles.

Three Months:

At three months, your baby likely holds their head up during tummy time and showcases more expressive smiles. These milestones make for a vibrant photoshoot, capturing their growing personality.

Four to Five Months:

Babies at this age start to roll over, giggle, and have better control over their hands. Capture these moments along with close-ups of their chubby cheeks, curious eyes, and gummy smiles.

Six Months:

The six-month mark is a big one - many babies can sit up independently. This milestone opens up a new range of photo opportunities, including adorable seated poses with fun props.

newborn baby sitting with a big brother
Babies grow and change so much during their first year of life. Be sure to get professional photos taken of these precious moments. Photo by me.

Seven to Nine Months:

Crawling, clapping hands, playing with toes, and even the appearance of first teeth are characteristic of this stage. Babies at this age interact more with their environment, making it great for dynamic shots.

Ten to Eleven Months:

This is the stage when babies start to pull themselves up and may even take their first tentative steps. The photoshoot can focus on their exploration and interaction with the world around them.

One Year:

The grand finale, the first birthday shoot, often includes a cake smash. This is a fun and messy tradition where babies are photographed digging into their first birthday cake. The session may also capture the baby's budding mobility and other skills they've picked up over the year.

The first year of your baby's life is an exciting whirlwind of development and discovery. Professional baby photography provides a precious keepsake of these fleeting moments, preserving the memories of your baby's first milestones for years to come. By understanding what to expect month-by-month, you can be prepared to capture the joy, curiosity, and growth of your little one.

I'd love to help you capture your baby's precious moments before they're all grown up! Be sure to reach out for find out more about my baby photoshoots in Sydney's Inner West.

Amy xx


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