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Baby Photography

Baby photography is such a special thing to me. So often parents come to see me in those first couple of weeks and the emotions are running high. They’re exhilarated, they’re scared, they’re feeling every possible emotion magnified by 100 with their sleep deprivation. So many times as I’m photographing their baby, it is the first time that they’ve actually had some time to sit back and really look at their baby without having to feed, change nappies, rock their baby, or sleep themselves. It’s one of my most favourite parts of my job. Quite often when I have baby into the right pose, I’ll notice a few tears in Mum or Dad’s eyes. It is a most special time in your life and one that I’m very honoured to capture for people forever.

Here’s another recent session I photographed at my Balmain studio. This handsome little boy was SO good to me. He moved peacefully from pose to pose and we got through his baby photography session in almost record time. Most sessions take about 3 hours, however he was done and out of there in about 2 hours which is pretty impressive! Here are a few of my personal favourite photos from his session.


Amy xx


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