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Award Winning Newborn Photography

Being the best I can be is an important part of my journey as a photographer. The best way for me to make sure that my work is continually improving is to enter the AIPP photography awards each year. This year was the third year I have entered the AIPP NSW State awards, and I’m so proud to say, the third year in a row that I’ve been awarded with a Silver Award for one of my newborn images.

How do the AIPP Awards work?

The AIPP hold state and national awards each year. A panel of judges are selected who are some of the most experienced photographers in the industry. There are a number of categories that are judged including newborn and family. Each image entered is displayed in print and the panel of 5 judges then score each image. Awards are only given to images that show exceptional skill and creativity. It is an incredibly nerve-wracking experience putting your images in for consideration. For the past 2 years I have attended the awards in person. When your image comes up in front of the judges and a room full of spectators your heart beats so fast you feel like you’re doing a work out! Find out more information on the AIPP Awards.

My Award Winning Image in the Newborn Category

This image received a Silver award. It was one of my favourite images that I captured of baby Leila earlier this year. She was so incredibly alert and had the sweetest little personality. I guess the judges loved her little face as much as I did!

This image received a Silver award at the AIPP NSW state photography awards in the Newborn category

Where to from here?

Although I was selected last year (known as being “seeded”) from my success at the State Awards to enter the APPA National Awards, I decided not to enter due to time restraints. The national awards are held in Melbourne at the end of the year. I’m still considering whether to try my luck this year or not. Time will tell!


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