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5 Traits of the Best Baby Photographers

Looking to find the best baby photographer? Or perhaps being a newborn or baby photographer is your dream job? You might be wondering what are some of the top 5 traits that baby photographers should have in order to become the best and most successful in their job.

Here are the top 5 traits of the best baby photographers.

Best Baby Photographer Trait #1: Patience

That old saying "never work with babies or animals" isn't wrong. Photographing babies takes a lot of patience. Babies are innately sensory little beings who run on their own timetable. Whilst we can do our best to increase the chances that they will be happy and ready to be photographed, it's not something that we can control with certainty. Being a great baby photographer means that you need a LOT of patience when things inevitably don't go to plan.

Best Baby Photographer Trait #2: Adaptability

Following on from trait number one, the next most important trait that a good baby photographer needs to have is adaptability. When the smallest human in the room is the boss, you'd better have some flexibility in your session plan. You might have planned to take a certain posed photo, or to use a certain prop. Then, during the session, the baby might absolutely hate being in that particular pose, or they might suddenly wee on that grey blanket you had your heart set on using. You sometimes need to think on your feet to keep a photo session moving and to make the most of what you have.

sydney newborn baby photographer Amy Tong photographing a baby in the studio
Being the best baby photographer you can be takes a lot of hard work, patience and creativity. Never give up!

Best Baby Photographer Trait #3: Creativity

Photography is a creative art. Much the same as a painter with their paints and easel. The best newborn and baby photographers are always thinking outside of the square and pushing the boundaries in their work. What do you want your work to say to the people who see your images? For me, baby photography is all about family love and connection so I do my very best to represent this creatively through my photographs. Never forget that being creative is the reason why you probably picked up a camera in the first place - even if you've been a professional photographer for many years.

Best Baby Photographer Trait #4: Confidence

Confidence is a very important trait for all photographers - but particularly for newborn and baby photographers. Showing your client that you are confident in your skills as a photographer helps them feel more at ease in letting you photograph their precious baby. Also, I think that newborns (and babies as well but perhaps to a lesser extent) sense when a person is confident and they seem to respond positively. For most people confidence is something that grows slowly over time with experience.

Best Baby Photographer Trait #5: Empathy

Meeting a family soon after the birth of their baby is a big deal! As a Mum of three I know all too well how fragile we parents can feel in those early weeks and months. We are exhausted both mentally and physically with caring for the new baby in our lives. This is particularly true when you've just welcomed your first baby into the world and you feel completely lost as to how to look after them. The learning curve is enormous! So, I think it's imperative that the best baby photographers have empathy for their clients. Helping your clients feel comfortable and giving them a comfortable space to rest and feel relaxed during the session is a very important part of being a baby photographer.

Did I miss any? I'd love to hear what you think.

Best wishes!

Amy xx


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