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When is the Best Time to Photography My Baby?

As a newborn photographer, I get a lot of questions from parents about when is the best time to photograph their baby. The truth is – it really depends on what type of photographs you’re after. The age of your baby will really dictate what types of images you are able to achieve during your photo session.

Sleepy posed newborn photos

The most popular type of images, and the ones most people think of when they consider getting baby photographs of their new baby, are the beautiful posed images of baby curled up. There are lots of these sorts of images that are popular. Baby curled up asleep in Dad’s hands, curled up in a wrap, sleeping peacefully curled up in a bowl.

These types of images are only really achievable when your baby is very young. The optimal time is about one to two weeks after birth (for babies who arrive around their due date). Once babies pass this early phase, they tend to be more wakeful, less flexible and curly, and much more difficult to pose. So… if the sleepy, posed photos are what you’re after, get in early! Most Mums book while they are still pregnant to ensure that their preferred newborn photographer has availability for them. The earlier you can book, the better!

Sleepy photographs of newborns are the most popular images to capture. But don’t be fooled! Newborns are typically only able to be photographed like this for a very short window of time. To ensure you capture your baby during this special time, be sure to book while you are pregnant.

Interactive photos of my baby awake and calm

You can capture images like these at any stage. But perhaps the most typical time that you will capture a lot of these type of images is when your baby is about 3 months of age. At the 3 month stage, babies are typically alert and starting to engage with faces and smiles. As babies of this age aren’t able to sit, they are typically placed on their back on a variety of fabric types and colours for variation. If you’re lucky you might even get one of those cheeky first smiles during your photo shoot!

3 month olds are at a beautiful age to capture babies. Typically they are alert and just starting to smile more often. If you’re lucky, your baby might even smile for the camera!

Photos of my baby sitting up and smiling

One of the best times to capture your baby sitting and smiling is when they have just mastered sitting on their own. Every baby is different but most babies reach this milestone at about 8 months of age. It is a wonderful stage for photos as they are usually very pleased with themselves and their new ability to sit. They are usually happy to sit and pose for the camera and play peek-a-boo with me. This stage is also the best one for capturing smiley photos as babies are generally not yet mobile (crawling/walking) at this stage. I find that once babies are mobile (or are no longer content with just sitting and want to explore, even if their little bodies aren’t quite coordinated enough to be mobile) they are much harder to photograph and keep content and happy. So.. if a sitting, happy and content baby photo session is on your wish list, aim to bring your baby in at about the 8 month mark

baby photographerSitter sessions are full of cheeky smiles and lots of personality! It’s the best time to capture your baby sitting and happy.

For more information on my baby photography sessions in Sydney’s Inner West be sure to get in touch!

Amy xx


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