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What Should I Wear to a Baby Photo Session?

By far, the number one question I am asked by clients is.. "What should I wear?!?!" Never fear, here are some tips on what you should look for (and what to avoid), to help your baby's next photo shoot look amazing.

Tip 1: Stick to simple, neutral colours

My general suggestion is for my clients to stick to simple neutral colours and tones. This is so that the colour palette of your photos are timeless and classic. Most people have neutral colours on their walls so this will also mean that your photographs will work well on your wall when it comes time to display them in your home. Wear whites, creams, blacks or pastel shades. If in doubt, a white shirt and jeans or black dress will always look great.

a family and newborn baby dressed in white in a studio
If in doubt you can't go wrong with a classic white or neutral theme in your images.

Tip 2: Avoid clothes with distracting stripes, logos and words

The focus in your photography should always be the people in the image. Clothes with stripes, logos and words can be distracting in images so they should really be avoided in your next photo session. Alternatively, you should aim for solid colours. Simple is the aim!

Tip 3: Bring a change of clothes for your baby and yourselves

Baby sessions - particularly newborn sessions - can be messy affairs! Newborns are notorious for spew and/or poo explosions when you least expect them. Because of this I always encourage my clients to bring with them an extra set of spare clothes for their baby/toddler, as well as for themselves. You never know when you're going to need them.

Solid colours are the way to go to create beautiful, timeless photographs of your children and family

I hope these tips help give you the confidence to choose your next outfit for your baby's photo shoot! Best wishes for 2023,

Amy xx

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