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The Trickiest Ages to Photograph Babies and Toddlers

Babies and toddlers grow and change so much in the first couple of years of life. Throughout these stages and changes come with them some tricky ages to photograph. Here’s my list of the top tricky ages to photograph babies and toddlers.

Tricky age to photograph #1 – Newborns between 6 weeks and 3 months

Newborns between 6 weeks old and 3 months of age are at a tricky stage to photograph. For younger newborns, there are often skin issues (baby acne, etc.) as well as developmental leaps with the peak of unsettled crying at around 6 weeks of age. Between the 6 week mark and the 3 months, stage babies aren’t typically very interactive and are too old to go into the sleepy newborn poses.

Babies are limited by their physical capabilities before they are able to sit independently. For this reason, between the ages of 3/4 months and around 7 months can be a tricky time to photograph and get a great variety of images for you baby photography session.

twin baby photography sydney
Image of twin 3 month old brothers, Copyright Amy Tong Photography 2021.

Tricky age to photograph #2 – Babies between 4 months and 7 months

Between the 3/4 month stage and about 7 months it can be tricky to photograph babies as they aren’t able to sit independently. Whilst you definitely can photograph babies between these ages, the amount of different setups and types of photos you can get are a little limited. Babies at this age can only lie on their back or do “tummy time”for a short period of time.

Tricky age to photograph #3 – Toddlers older than 13 months

Once toddlers get older than about 13 months they get more mobile. Walking turns very quickly to running and a huge desire to explore and be constantly on the move. This makes getting in-studio images more and more difficult the older they get. For this reason, the limit of sessions that I offer are cake smash sessions at around 12 months of age.

Toddlers older than 13 months get more and more difficult to photograph in the studio as they get older. They usually have a very short attention span and are wanting to be on the run. For this reason you may want to consider doing a lifestyle family session outdoors.

Want to find out more about my newborn and baby photo sessions? I offer sessions for newborns, at 3 months, sitting sessions (about 7-9 months), and cake smash sessions for 1 year olds.

Amy xx


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