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The Best Sydney Inner West Photography Locations

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m passionate about capturing photos of our own kids regularly. But where should you take photos?? Though I shoot solely from my Balmain studio, sometimes I like to take my kids outdoors! Here in Sydney we are pretty spoiled with lots of great photo locations. If you’re in the Inner West like I am, and are wanting to capture some beautiful photos of your family or kids, be sure to check out these great locations!

  1. Callan Park, Lilyfield I don’t take enough photos of my kids, but when I’m organised I like to bundle them in to the car and take them to Callan Park. It’s a maze of beautiful old sandstone buildings, lots of grass, trees and flowers. There is over 60 hectares of it! You are bound to find somewhere great to take some photos! Be aware that a lot of locals like to walk their dogs here so be on the alert for dog poo! There are also some parts of the park that have clifftops so be mindful of this before letting your child wander. Be creative and see what you can find. For more information on this fascinating, historic park be sure to check out the latest information from the Inner West Council Website

Callan Park at Lilyfield is a great spot with lots of trees, grass, flowers and old sandstone walls. It’s one of my favourite Inner West locations to capture photographs of my own children.

Cockatoo Island We had our own family portrait session taken here last year. If you live in the Inner West, it’s a short ferry ride to reach Cockatoo Island. It has some amazing old buildings which make a great urban backdrop for photos. It’s also an interesting day out for the kids!

Balmoral Beach, Balmoral While it’s not specifically in the Inner West, Balmoral is a beautiful photo location which is only a short drive away. It has lots of lovely aspects along the foreshore and if it’s not too busy, you can also take a few in the rotunda or along the wooden jetty.

Ballast Point Park, Birchgrove Being a Balmain local for many years, it’s pretty amazing that I’ve never taken my 2 kids here for photos. It’s definitely on my “to do” list though! It has beautiful views over the harbour to the Sydney Harbour Bridge as well as lots of great walls and other interesting rustic features. Definitely worth a look!

I hope you find this list helpful!

Do you know of any other great locations around the Inner West? I’d love to hear from you!

Amy xx


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