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The Baby Summit Australia 2017

What a weekend! I just returned from the beautiful Sunshine Coast and 3 days of learning and inspiration from the annual Baby Summit Australia 2017. This was my second year attending – I also went last year as well. Once again it was such a great opportunity to catch up with all my photographer friends and to make new ones. Being a baby photographer can be an isolating job so it’s wonderful to meet up with like-minded women (and a few men!) who share my love of baby photography. The talent in the group is just mind-blowing!


As part of the Baby Summit, you have the opportunity to select from a range of demos and classes on a variety of topics ranging from births to post-production. It’s always a difficult task to choose your classes as you inevitably want to be in several places at once! This year I was particularly excited to watch Kristen Mackey of Son Kissed Photography in the US in action. I have followed Kristen’s work for many years. Having her travel all the way to Australia was amazing! I saw her demonstrate a newborn session, as well as another class on her post-production. I picked up a few great tips and tricks that I’m excited to implement in my business.

Watching Kristen Mackey from Son Kissed Photography in the US (and follow Sydney baby photographer Rebecca Connolly assisting) was a highlight for me at the 2017 Baby Summit Australia


The cocktail party once again was fabulous! Most of the 400-odd ladies in the room are busy Mums like me who don’t get much of an opportunity to let their hair down and party with their girlfriends that often. So.. the cocktail party is always pretty special! Many of us got dressed up in beautiful dresses just for the occasion. At the cocktail party is also a wonderful exhibition of images from the attendees. Everyone is encouraged to submit their favourite image from the past 12 months. It blows my mind the amount of talent we have in our industry. Us Aussies (and New Zealanders!) are taking it to the world that’s for sure.

I had such a great time at the social events during the Baby Summit. It’s a great opportunity to relax with old friends who share my passion for baby photography, and to make new ones too!


I’ve returned to work today with some new goals and am inspired to implement these ideas into my business over the coming year. I can’t wait to share all these ideas with my clients over the coming months!

If you’re thinking about attending the Baby Summit next year. Do it! It’s a wonderful experience that you won’t forget.

Amy xx


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