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Sydney Baby Photography - Kath V Workshop

Recently I attended Kath V’s Sydney baby photography workshop. For those of you who don’t know Kath’s work, she’s a wonderful baby photographer from Melbourne who specialises in photographing older babies aged around 6 to 9 months of age. As most workshops are aimed at teaching newborn photography, this is the first time I have seen a workshop focused solely on mastering working with older babies who are sitting up.

The workshop with Kath V was held at a Sydney photography studio on the South side. Only 20 minutes drive away from me here in the Sydney Inner West suburb of Balmain. There were about 10 of us which made for a nice small group. The other attendees were all lovely ladies. It is always great to come together in workshops and meet new people in the photography industry.

Kath herself was really great to meet in person. She was very open about everything and discussed everything from her settings, to working with photographing babies, as well as lighting, sourcing her props, and editing her photos. It was nice to consolidate my own learning and experience by seeing how Kath works, plus adding some of her tips and tricks to my repertoire. After the newborn phase (less than 2 weeks old), the sitting phase is my very favourite age to photograph.

The swing all set up for the Kath V Workshop

And just because you can’t have a post with no photos – here is a sample of my favourite images from a recent baby photography session with Miss O. She was the perfect age for older baby photos – around 7 months of age – sitting confidently but not yet on the move (crawling or walking). I really enjoyed capturing these photos for her family.

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All the best!

Amy xxx


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