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Printing Your Photographs

As a photographer, it is so important to me that my clients receive physical tangible products of their images. At a time when a lot of photographers are giving their clients USBs with digital files and nothing else, I often get asked why I insist on giving my clients complimentary prints with my digital packages. The simple answer is that photography is meant to be printed. Until then, all you have are lots of 0s and 1s of electronic data. This data can so very easily be lost forever. I don’t want my photographs to be hidden away in a drawer somewhere. I want my clients to have physical photos that they can look at, to pick up and hold, and to have these to give to their children and their grandchildren.

Where to get your images printed

Many of my clients want to be able to use their digital files to make their own products. Of course there are a lot of printing companies out there ranging from budget options like Officeworks all the way up to professional quality fine art prints. Above all else PLEASE ensure that you get your images printed professionally. The difference in colour and quality is mind-blowing. (Plus if I ever happened to see that green-tinged print hanging on your wall I might just die a little inside – think of the photographer haha). With all of my digital packages I include information about where to order your own products, prints, canvases, frames and much more. I refer all my clients to MyProPhoto: My ProPhoto is the retail arm of a professional print lab in Australia. This means that you get access to the same quality of prints as a consumer. Their software is very easy to use – just download the software (it takes about 2 minutes) and you’ll be able to order a range of prints, canvases, calendars and much more. How to sign up for MyProPhoto: Visit Download the software to your computer Enter Account number: 31326 If you enter 31326 they’ll send me a small commission as a thank you for referring you which I’d really appreciate We are now starting to wind up for the end of the year. I’m officially going on holiday from the second week of December until the 2nd week of January. 2017 has been a rather rollercoaster of a year for my family with lots of health issues and challenges so we are very much looking forward to taking a breather and coming back with the batteries charged for another busy year in 2018. If you have any outstanding orders, be sure to get them in with me by next week as my labs and product providers will be taking their final orders before going on break. Very best wishes! Amy xx


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