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Newborn Picture Ideas

Need some newborn picture ideas? Maybe your baby has arrived and you forgot to book a newborn photographer? Maybe you can’t afford to hire a professional newborn photographer? Whatever the reason, if you need to be your own baby photographer and need some inspiration for some ideas of photos you can do to capture these special first few weeks, then look no further.

<An important safety message: From the outset I would like to remind everyone that safety must be the absolute number 1 priority in any photographs that you take. If you are going to attempt any photographs that you have seen online, please be mindful of your baby’s safety. Many of the popular photos such as the “froggy pose” are what are known as composite images – in other words they are 2 photographs put into one so that the baby is safe at all times. I STRONGLY recommend that you do not attempt a froggy pose, or any other complex pose at home. These poses require specialist training and expertise in handling babies. If you really want these images of your baby – please hire a professional who has the training and expertise to do it properly and safely.>

Notice in this example above that the baby is never actually holding her own head up. PLEASE do not attempt complex poses like the one above. Leave it to the experts. (Images by Alysse Renee).

Newborn Picture Ideas for At Home

So. What kind of pictures can you do of your own baby? Here are my top 10 simple newborn picture ideas for you DIYers as well as some tips on getting some nice results:

Newborn Picture Idea #1: Asleep on a Bed Newborn spend a lot of their time asleep (albeit not at night for some torturous reason!). When your baby is asleep, it’s the perfect time to capture their sweet faces. If you have a white or neutral quilt cover it makes the perfect background. Try and choose a room that has lots of natural light. Open curtains and blinds to get as much light in as you can.

Newborn Picture Idea #2: Sibling Shot If you have older children, this shot is a must! Depending on the age of your other children, you might like to try laying them both on their backs with the older one cuddling the new baby close. This shot works well for children around 3 and over. For little ones under 3, it’s unlikely they’ll hold still long enough to let you do this (or could flat out refuse!) so my suggestion would be to just have them lay next to them but not having the baby resting on their arm.

Newborn Picture Idea #3: Awake Shot

There’s nothing sweeter than when newborns start gazing around the new world around them. After your baby has woken up from a nap, has been fed and changed, there’s a small window of time where they are calm and content. For these shots, the best place to put them is on a bed (as above) or a soft surface such as a lounge, a beanbag, or a soft carpet. Get some beautiful shots focusing on their eyes. For some variety, pop them on a nice coloured throw or blanket.

Newborn Picture Idea #4: Parent Shots These are a must! Make sure to capture Mum and Dad photos both separately. Just simple shots of holding the baby, looking at the camera, and looking at the baby. For some variety perhaps put baby high up on your shoulder and take some from the back with baby peering over. Mums, I totally understand that after giving birth the last thing you want to do is to have photographs of yourself when you aren’t feeling very glamorous. Believe me, it’s not about how you look in these images but the connection between you and your new baby. You will look back on these in years to come and be glad you have them. Remember – it’s the photos that we don’t take which we regret. Not the ones we do!

Newborn Picture Idea #5: Family Shots So these are a little more difficult as you can’t easily take a family shot and be in the shot at the same time. If you have a tripod, set the timer on your camera and jump in front of the lens. Otherwise, get a friend, neighbour, or family member to snap some shots of you all together. People get so caught up in taking photos of their new bundle that they suddenly realise when their baby is all grown up that they have no photos all together as a family.

I hope these newborn photo ideas help you capture some beautiful images of your new baby. You might also want to get some tips on my recent blog post Taking Better Photos of Your Baby where I discuss how to find the right light and angle and general tips to help you get a better result

Need a Newborn Photographer in Sydney? Of course, if you’d rather leave it to an expert or realise that taking newborn photos is harder than it looks, be sure to contact me! I’m a multi-award winning Sydney newborn photographer based in Balmain and I’ve been honing my skills since 2012. If your baby has already arrived I may be booked out but feel free to get in touch and I’ll do my best to fit you in.


Amy xx


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