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Newborn Baby Photographer Balmain

Newborn Baby Photographer Balmain – Amy Tong

Our little village of Balmain recently welcomed this gorgeous little man. His Mum (who lives so close to my Balmain studio we’re practically neighbours!) came to visit me after noticing that I’m a local photographer who specialises in newborn photography.

Sweet newborn baby S was the perfect little model for his photo session. He gave me some wonderful eye contact for the awake photos, and happily obliged by nodding off for a sleep so we could also capture some sleepy photos too. His Mum looks absolutely amazing. Especially considering she had just given birth only days before these photos were taken. I’m so jealous!

Here are a few of my favourite photos from little newborn baby S’s photography session. My job as a baby photographer really is the best job I could imagine


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