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Natural Newborn Photography Sydney Inner West

When my clients see me for their newborn's photo session, I usually like to ask how they found me, and why they chose to book me. It's a great insight for me to understand what people think of my work, and what they think sets me apart from other newborn photographers in Sydney. And since I first started out over 10 years ago, there sure are a lot out there these days! Time and time again I hear the same words being repeated in their reasoning for choosing me - NATURAL.

Natural Newborn Photos in Sydney

It seems to be a common theme - many of my clients choose me to be their photographer because my photos are quite natural. I use minimal props - perhaps one basket or simple prop per baby photo shoot. I have always leaned towards minimalistic looking photographs. This just seems to have always been my style.

natural baby photography sydney inner west
Some photographers go for more over the top styling with lots of props. I've always leaned towards more natural looking photo styles with minimal props. For me, this is the best way to capture beautiful images of your baby and family. (Image by Amy Tong Photography)

Natural Light Baby Photography

Many years ago, I used to be a natural light photographer. All my maternity and newborn baby photo shoots were done in my home studio using my loungeroom windows as the light source. For the past 6 or so years however, I have been using studio lights. In the way that I use my lighting, it's my aim that you shouldn't really be able to tell the difference between natural light photography and studio light photography. Especially now since I use a big wall of LED lighting in my photo studio. Some of my clients have actually mistaken it for a real window and are amazed when I tell them it's actually an artificial light source.

For more information on my lighting be sure to read my blog on my LED Wall of Light

natural baby photography sydney inner west
Natural baby photography is all about capturing the connection between family. I'm passionate about minimalistic images where the main focus is on your baby. Father-son images are the sweetest and most natural images. (Image by Amy Tong Photography)

If you're looking for a natural baby photographer in Sydney be sure to get in touch! You can find out more about my pricing or if you're ready to find out more be sure to complete my contact form.

I would love to hear from you.

Amy xx


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