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My Favourite Baby Photo

As a newborn and baby photographer over the past 9 years, I’m often asked to choose my favourite baby photo I’ve ever taken. It’s difficult as I have photographed well over 300 babies and newborns over these years and I have so many photos that I’m super proud of!

Of course, being a Mum of 3 small children, I would be mean not to pick a photo of my own as babies. I do try to take a photo of my children every day for my Photo a Day project that I’ve been doing for the past 6 years so I have a lot of photos to choose from!

What is my absolute favourite photo?

If I really had to choose just one photo, I think I would choose this one:

baby and great-grandfather photograph by Sydney baby photographer Amy Tong
My baby son and my now 97 year old Grandfather. This is one of my most treasured photographs.

If you’ve been to my Balmain baby photo studio you might recognise this image as it hangs on my wall. I get so many compliments on it which is lovely. It’s special to me as it is of my grandfather (now almost 96) and my son as a baby. I love my grandad’s expression (it’s so him!). The contrast between his weathered skin and the perfect newness of my son. It hangs proudly on my wall at home and it makes me smile as I pass it each day. In years to come when we no longer have my grandad here it will become even more special to me.

Baby photography is forever

Fads and trends come and go but classic baby photography that captures these special fleeting moments is forever. It’s amazing to me that my photos hang on hundreds of walls in homes all over Sydney. I hope that they will be looked at by generations to come. I can’t think of any more special job than that!

To capture your special moments forever, be sure to find out more about my newborn photography here or learn more about my pricing.

Amy xx


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