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Including Your Furry Friend: Capturing Memorable Moments with Your Baby and Family Dog

Welcoming a new baby into your family is an incredibly special time, filled with moments you'll want to cherish forever. For many families, this includes their four-legged members, who are as much a part of your family as anyone else. As an Inner West Sydney baby photographer, I’ve had the joy of capturing beautiful, heartwarming sessions that include not just parents and babies but their beloved dogs too. Here’s why you might consider including your family dog in your baby's photo session and some tips to make it a smooth, enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

The Joy of Inclusion

Dogs often represent the first "baby" in the family, and including them in your baby’s photoshoot can symbolize the growth and evolution of your family unit. These photos can capture the protective, gentle nature of your dog with your new baby, providing not just adorable photos but also creating memories that reflect the true nature of your family’s daily life. Moreover, as your child grows, they will be able to look back and see the bond they shared with their pet from the very beginning.

Preparing for the Photoshoot

Including a dog in a photoshoot requires some preparation and consideration to ensure everything goes smoothly. Here are some tips:

  1. Exercise Your Dog First: A well-exercised dog is typically calmer. Take your dog for a walk before the session so they can burn off excess energy.

  2. Bring Treats and Toys: These can be used to get your dog’s attention during the shoot and to reward them for good behavior.

  3. Keep It Short: Dogs, especially if they’re not used to being in a studio or around cameras, might get restless. It’s a good idea to capture photos with your dog at the beginning of the session. If the session will last longer (especially for a newborn session which usually last around 3 hours), it's a good idea to arrange for your partner or a friend or family member to come and pick up your dog to take them to a nearby park or back home.

  4. Safety First: Always supervise interactions between your baby and the dog. Even the gentlest dog can be unpredictable, and it’s essential to ensure a safe environment.

Capturing the Perfect Moment

Working with a professional photographer who has experience in handling family and pet photoshoots can make a significant difference. As a baby photographer in Sydney’s Inner West, I focus on creating a relaxed environment where both your newborn and your pet can feel at ease. I use natural poses that capture the genuine interactions between your baby and your dog, ensuring the photos look as natural and loving as your everyday moments.

The End Result

Photos of your baby with your family dog can add a unique element to your family’s photo album. These images stand out, showcasing the warmth and love of all family members. They serve as a reminder of the special time when your family grew and the wonderful bond your baby and your pet started to build from the very beginning.

Including your family dog in your baby’s photography session can turn great photos into unforgettable ones, adding layers of meaning and memories. In Sydney’s Inner West, where family and community are treasured, capturing these relationships is what makes baby photography so special. If you’re planning a baby photography session, consider including your furry family member to capture the full spirit of your family’s love and joy.

For those in the Inner West Sydney area considering a baby photography session that includes your beloved pet, feel free to reach out. Let’s capture the heartwarming interactions between your newborn and your dog that you will cherish forever!

Best wishes,

Amy xx


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