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How to Prepare Your Baby's Skin for their Photo Session

If you have an upcoming photo shoot with your baby or newborn, here are my top tips for getting their skin prepared for their session. Many newborns have skin rashes, peeling skin, redness or blotchiness. This is completely normal! There are some things you can do to reduce these skin issues (and your photographer will love you for it as it will drastically reduce the amount of time they’ll need to dedicate to reducing these in Photoshop!)

Top 3 Tips for Preparing Your Baby's Skin

  1. Reduce time in the bath Bathing your baby washes the natural oils from their skin. This is made worse by adding harsh soaps or warmer temperature water. In the days leading up to your session try to reduce the amount of time in the bath, or only using soap when really necessary.

  2. Moisturise It’s normal for babies to have peeling skin in the weeks after birth. You can reduce the appearance of this by applying a good quality moisturiser. Pure oils such as coconut or olive oils are a great chemical-free barrier.

  3. Loosen their nappy On the morning of your baby’s photo session, it’s a good idea to loosen their nappy a little. This prevents indentations and red marks on their skin. You might like to visit the Australian Raising Children website for some more helpful suggestions for looking after your baby’s skin.

Before and after photoshopping a newborn baby's photo session
A before and after Photoshop. I removed the small flakes of skin and reduced the red blotches on her forehead whilst keeping her skin natural looking.

Don’t worry too much! Photoshop is amazing

Try not to worry too much about the appearance of your baby’s skin for their photo shoot. Newborns and babies typically have a range of skin issues. It is rare for a baby to come to their appointment without some sort of blotchiness, baby acne, peeling, redness or yellow tones from jaundice. These are all things that can be reduced in Photoshop so that they are less noticeable in your final images.

If you have any questions at all on my newborn and baby photo sessions, please get in touch! I look forward to meeting you and your little one soon.

Amy xx


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