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Getting Your Skin Ready for Your Photo Shoot

This week I have a wonderful guest blog from fellow photographer and make-up artist Simona Janek. If you’re preparing for your upcoming photo session here are her top 4 tips on how to get your skin in tip-top shape:

Tip 1: Get Enough Sleep and Hydrate

Everyone wants to have clear, glowing, and radiant skin. The good news is it can be simple to achieve! The most important advice? Get enough sleep and hydrate. Not only are these free, but they’re also absolutely easy to do too!

If you’re pressed for time and you only have 1 week to prepare for your shoot, you don’t need to worry. Sleep for 7 to 8 hours for the whole week and see the difference in the quality and health of your skin. If you couple this with drinking at least 6 to 8 glasses of water, you’ll not only notice that your skin is much more supple, you’ll feel the difference in your overall health and energy too.

Tip 2: “New” is not always better

When it comes to skincare before a photoshoot, you don’t want to try anything new. This goes for new skincare routines, products and treatments. While getting your usual facial and exfoliation treatment is a good idea at least a seven (7) days before your photoshoot, it is not recommended to try anything drastic as you run the risk of having irritated skin. If you are really wanting a specific treatment, wait until after you’re done with the photo shoot.

Stick with your usual routine at least the week before the photoshoot. Unlike for newborn and baby photos whose skin don’t need much prepping at all, adult skin needs all the TLC it can get. Don’t scrimp on your trusted basics like cleanser, toner, moisturisers and sunscreen. If they’ve worked for you in the past they’re your best bet to make your skin look its best before your photoshoot, too.

Simona Janek is a professional photographer and make-up artist

Simona Janek is a professional photographer and make-up artist

Tip 3: Less is More

In skincare, putting “less” on your face is always better than putting more. This is because every skincare product takes a while to work. It also takes a while for your skin to adjust to a certain skincare routine. In addition, not all skincare products work well with others, even if they are from the same brand. Using incompatible products may be harmful to your skin in the longer term.

Overwhelming your face with too much may cause breakouts, redness and allergies. While these may be remedied by good professional makeup and some photo post-processing, fresh, clear, and glowing skin is always the best canvas.

Tip 4: Stay Away from Alcohol

Alcohol can dehydrate the body. To achieve the dewy, radiant glow be sure to avoid alcohol for a week before your session. It not only dehydrates your skin but it also reduces the quality of your sleep. Looking tired and dehydrated is not the best look for your photos. Avoiding any alcoholic beverage for the week before your photos is your best bet.


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