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Certified Newborn Photographers

Until recently, there hasn’t been a specific course or certification for newborn photographers. When I heard about the new Certificate in Newborn Photography by the Academy of Newborn Photography, I jumped at the chance to complete it – to receive a certification for my 7+ years of newborn photography experience and training, and perhaps learn something new to help keep my newborn clients safe.

Why is a certification in newborn photography so important?

Newborn photography is an unregulated industry in Australia. This means that anyone can pick up a camera and start advertising their services as a baby photographer. To me, this is incredibly scary. There is no requirement to have any basic first aid training, no training on how to safely pose newborns, no requirement for photographers to be vaccinated, no need for photographers to have insurances. Having the Certificate in Newborn Photography is a wonderful way to ensure that newborn photographers have the necessary knowledge they need to help keep their clients safe. The certification program helps parents choose a qualified newborn photographer.

What topics does the Certificate in Newborn Photography cover?

The Certificate of Newborn Photography covers 19 modules as well as face-to-face CPR and First Aid training. The course has been written in consultation with experts in the fields of neonatal health, physiology and OHS.

Qualified Newborn Photography

I was excited to be one of the first newborn photographers in Australia to complete the Certificate in Newborn Photography (and one of only 3 so far in NSW). I am really excited to receive this qualification and for the step ahead that it will give our industry. If you’re looking for a newborn photographer, be sure to look for this symbol for the assurance you need that your potential photographer is a qualified professional newborn photographer:

When looking for a baby photographer, always look for this symbol to ensure that your photographer is a qualified professional.


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