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Canvas vs Framed Prints

Displaying your baby’s photos in your home is the best way to enjoy the beautiful photos from your session for years to come. But what are the options for wall art? What are canvases and framed prints? Which should I choose?

The short answer is that it depends on your budget, the decor in your home, and your personal preference. Some of my clients like the more modern look of canvases, while others prefer the more traditional look of framed prints. Here are each of the options that I offer and the pros and cons of each:

Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a popular option. Your image is printed on a cotton canvas and then stretched over a timber frame. I’ve sourced the best manufacturer in Australia who uses museum-grade canvas from the USA. The image is then sprayed with fade-inhibiting UV blockers so that it will last the test of time.

What are the benefits of canvases?

The benefit of canvas prints is that they are lighter than framed prints. Canvases are also great as they don’t have any glare or reflections that frames do and are more cost-effective which means you can get a bigger size for the same price as a smaller framed print. As canvases don’t have an external frame surrounding the image, you can also fit a larger image size in the same amount of wall space making the image stand out more. What are the disadvantages of canvas prints? The main disadvantage to canvas prints is that the texture of the canvas can be a little distracting for some people (although this is minimised by using a better quality canvas – the premium quality canvas used by my canvas makers makes this less of a problem). For some people canvases look a little too “modern” but this is all personal preference.

Framed Prints

Framed prints are the traditional way of displaying photographs. Images are printed onto cotton rag papers, matted on acid-free mats and framed in timber. The frame is then finished in glass with stainless steel hanging wire.

What are the benefits of framed prints?

Frames are definitely more traditional and can suit a wider variety of home decors. Along with the aesthetic appeal, using papers for displaying your photos does show more detail than canvas.

What are the disadvantages of framed prints?

There are a few disadvantages of framed prints over canvas prints. Firstly, you need to be aware that the glass frame will have glare and reflections from lights in the room (be it sunlight or other light sources). Also, as frames are quite costly, framed prints are more expensive than canvases of the same size. You will also need to factor in that internal mat surrounding your print takes up wall space. If you only have a limited space on your wall this will reduce the size of the image you can fit in your home. The moulding colour (frame) also needs to be carefully chosen as it cannot be changed if your home colour scheme changes over time.

framed prints and canvas prints of babies
Framed print or a more modern canvas? Either option can look amazing on your wall.

What should I choose?

I hope this has helped you understand the differences between canvases and framed prints. Both of these products are equally as popular and beautiful on your wall. It really does come down to your own personal preference and some of the advantages and disadvantages I’ve discussed. I hope this information helps you choose what’s best for you! The most important thing is choosing something so that your beautiful photos can be enjoyed by your family every day!

I also offer Wall Art Collections where you can buy a group of canvases or framed prints to display together and make your wall come to life.

For more information about my photography and products, be sure to get in touch with me. I’d love to meet and photograph you and your baby soon!

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Amy xx


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