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Before and After Baby Photography

Have you ever wondered how much editing goes in to my baby photos? I thought I’d share with you a little before and after Photoshop of some of my photography. Some photographers do a lot of post production editing before delivering their images to clients. I do my very best to get most things right at the moment that I click the shutter. This means that the time I need to dedicate to editing and post-production is reduced. Plus, I think that the results are much better too!

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Before and After: I try not to change images too much in post production. In the editing process I typically brighten a little, warm up images and smooth out any blemishes.

The Baby Photo Editing Process – Step 1: Lightroom

Firstly, I use Lightroom to select the best images from a session. I then apply a preset that I have custom designed which warms and brightens the images a little. It’s at this stage that I send my clients the link to an online gallery to view the best images from their session to choose from. Once clients have selected their package and paid for their order, I then retouch each image individually by hand in Photoshop – taking care to smooth any blemishes or remove any yellow or red tones in the skin (common in babies).

Step 2 – Making it perfect in Photoshop

In Photoshop I have a series of actions which I have made to help speed up the editing process. The hand retouching work is the most time consuming part of the editing process. At the end of this process, each image is saved and delivered to my clients in both full and web-sized versions so that my clients can make their own prints and products in the future. I also give my clients recommendations on where to make their own prints and products for high quality results.

I hope that this helps demystify the post production and editing process! Stay well and keep smiling.

Amy xx


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