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Baby Summit 2016 Australia

Last year I was green with envy seeing all my friends’ photos on social media at the Baby Summit. This year I decided it was my turn! For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, it’s a fantastic 3-day event where all the best baby photographers from all over Australia get together to learn, share, socialise and motivate each other. I was a bit nervous about leaving my 2 little ones (the longest time ever away from them), but as I arrived on the Gold Coast and was greeted by old photography friends (and new ones) I knew I had made the right choice!

I had the honour of learning from some of my photography idols in the industry – Kristen Cook, Sue Bryce, Luisa Dunn, Erin Hoskins Jade Gao, Barb Uil, Rocco Ancora, and of course Kelly Brown.

We had great talks on everything from marketing, sales, to the technical aspects of colour management and watching demonstrations by the best baby photographers in Australia. I picked up some great tips along the way. Most of all though, I came away with a new motivation for my business and to continue on my journey to be the best photographer I can be. (That and some mean blisters on my feet from dancing the night away! haha).

The trade show area was great as well. Being able to see lots of beautiful photography products and props in person all in the one place was fantastic. I’ve learned my lesson for next year though – buy more luggage for the flight home!

The best thing I learned at The Baby Summit

So many times during the 3 days we were asked to think about our motivation about why we are baby photographers. To be honest, I’ve never really thought about it. Baby photography is just something that I more or less fell into after the birth of my baby. Figuring out my passion for it was something I hadn’t really considered. So when I dug a little and had some time to consider what motivates me, what I figured out became a bit of a revelation for me…

Baby Summit 2017 – bring it on! I hope to see you there next year!


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