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Baby Photography Gift Vouchers

I am often contacted by friends and families of people from all around Sydney who are looking for the perfect gift for their pregnant friends and family for their baby shower or to celebrate the arrival of their new baby. Newborn and baby photography gift vouchers are a great gift idea! Logistically though, gift certificates were a bit of a nightmare which often resulted in the recipient of the gift feeling compelled to get photos taken, even if perhaps they weren’t considering getting them for themselves.

The solution! A Baby Photography Gift Registry!!

Bringing a new little person into the world is a costly exercise! When you want to capture these precious moments it can be difficult to afford quality photographs – quality photography doesn’t come cheap. Many of my clients in the past have had to purchase smaller packages or less products due to budget constraints, or even forgo having their baby photographed during their first year. But! There is a solution!!!

I’m excited to announce that after a lot of research, I’ve teamed up with Album Registry to provide an online photography gift registry for all my clients. This means that your friends and family can help to contribute towards your baby photography for me. Better still, you get to choose exactly how to spend your credit amount. It’s a win-win for everyone with your family/friends being able to easily make contributions to the life-long gift of captured memories, and for parents to be able to afford quality baby photography at a time in life when often the finances can be a little stretched.

How does it work? Crowdfunding for your baby photography!

When you book in for a photography session with me, I will give you the option to set up your own online registry. The best time to do this is before your baby shower, or before your baby arrives so that when people want to purchase a gift for you, it’s all set up and running. I will set up a registry for you and provide you with the link to your personalised registry page where you can ask your friends and family to visit and make a contribution online. You can also share the links via Facebook, Twitter and Your registry remains open until the day of your photography session with me. After it is closed, I set up a credit amount for the funds your registry received (minus the 6% fee charged by Album Registry) which you are able to credit to your online shopping cart when you select your packages and/or products from your baby photography session. Easy!


Here are some FAQs about the Online Photography Gift Registry:

Can I set up a registry for a friend?

Unfortunately, no. Your friend/family member will need to select me as their baby photographer and to book a spot on my busy calendar first. Once they have done this and I’ve set up a personalised registry page for them you will be able to contribute towards their photography products.

Why is it called ‘Album Registry’? Does this mean I can only crowdfund one of your albums?

Absolutely not! Album Registry is the business name of the provider of the online service platform which enables my clients to crowdfund their baby photography products and packages. Names can be deceiving! You are free to use your end credit amount any way you like whether that be for one of my popular digital photography packages and/or products such as wall art, frames, canvases, albums, prints and more.

What happens if my registry doesn’t meet my target amount?

It’s no problem if your registry isn’t fully funded by the time of your photo session. Any amount received (minus the 6% fee charged by Album Registry for the service) will be credited to your shopping cart. You can choose to pay the difference if your package or product choices aren’t fully funded by your registry amount.

Any other questions or ready to sign up?

To find out more about a baby photography gift registry or to enquire about my availability to photograph your baby, please get in touch!


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