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Award Winning Photography

Last weekend was the annual NSW AIPP Photography Awards. The awards attract the very best award winning photography with photographers across the state competing in a variety of categories such as Portrait, Wedding, Commercial, Pet, Illustrative, Family and Newborn. It is a very difficult process, with each print being judged by 5 extremely experienced photographers who are at the top of their field. Each image is painstakingly reviewed for every tiny detail – composition, focus, creativity, print quality just to name a few! Last year was my first year of entering the competition and I was really happy to win my first award – a Silver Award in the Family category. This year, I gave it another shot and was really happy to win two awards this year – a Silver in the Family category, and a Silver in the Newborn category.

It is such a nerve wracking experience waiting for your images to be shown and then holding your breath to watch each of the five scores come up. As much as it is a daunting process putting your images out there to be judged by your peers, I find it has been a really great process to push me to improve my photography overall. This year I received some really great critiques from the judges and I am looking forward to coming up with something even better for next year.

Here are my two images which won awards this year. Both of these images are actual client images that were taken during one of my newborn and ‘little sitters’ sessions in the past 6 months.

Congratulations to all my fellow photographers on all their amazing work. There were some really inspiring images on display which are a testament to the drive and talent we have in the photography community in NSW. I have so much more still to learn on my photography journey but I know that events like these awards really help me to push myself to become the very best photographer I can be.

Amy xx


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