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100 Day Baby Photography

100 day (or 3 month) baby photography sessions are not the most popular age to photograph for most photographers. Between the newborn (up to 6 weeks after birth) and sitter (around 7-9 months of age) ages, photographing babies can be a little tricky. They are in an in-between stage – past the newborn curly phase, and not yet able to sit up for a cute sitter session.

Over the years though, I’ve had lots of families come to see me when their baby is 3 months old. 100 days is an important celebration in Chinese culture.

100 Day Baby Celebrations

In traditional Chinese culture 100 days after a baby’s birth is an important celebration. 100 days after birth, relatives and friends will send gifts for the baby such as clothing and jewellery. The celebration represents the hope that the baby will live for 100 years.

More recently, parents have been wanting to commemorate this important milestone with a 100 day baby photography session.

100 Day Baby Photography Sessions

At 100 day or 3 month old baby photography sessions, I aim to photograph babies in a variety of setups and outfits. As they are not able to sit, I aim to capture them on a variety of fabrics and textures, and to attempt a shot on their tummy (if they’re happy). I also capture parent and family photos as well. Sessions typically last about an hour before babies decide they have had enough. I like to move quickly to get as much variety in the photographs as possible before this happens!

An example of a 100 day baby photography session with Amy Tong in Sydney’s Inner West

Looking to capture your baby’s 100 day milestone with a photography session?

My 100 day (3 month old) photography sessions take place at my Sydney Inner West photography studio in Balmain. Here I have a range of fabrics, props and outfits for you to select from. I also encourage parents to bring along any special outfits they would like their baby photographed in.

I have a variety of digital file packages ranging from a Mini Me Package of 10 images, up to my larger packages which include the full gallery of around 30 images as well as additional products such as canvases, frames and albums.

Amy xx


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