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VHS Tapes to Digital Transfer

ast year I came across a whole stack of my parents’ old VHS tapes. It got me thinking about how precious these little gems from the 80s – 90s are and how sad I would be to lose them! I bought some digital transfer equipment, hooked up my old VHS machine, and have been busy copying over all their old memories to digital. Watching those old memories come to life on my screen has been wonderful and my children have enjoyed seeing their Mum as a dorky teenager! What started as a job on my “to do” list has been growing as the word has been spreading around my network of friends and family.

VHS to Digital File Transfer Service Balmain Sydney Inner West

If you’ve got some old VHS tapes hanging around that you’d love to have converted to digital mp4 format, just let me know! It’s $20 per tape. The turnaround time is around 1 day with your file uploaded to Dropbox for you to download.

You are able to drop your VHS tapes off at my Balmain studio (Sydney Inner West) at any time via my secure mail box (I have a soft landing space to keep your tapes safe!). Please just ensure that your tapes are in good condition and that they are labelled with your name and email address.

VHS tapes are full of precious memories. Be sure to convert these over to digital before they deteriorate too much and you lose those memories forever!

When your tape has been successfully transferred, you’ll receive an invoice for payment via email and the link to download your file/s via Dropbox when payment is received. Easy!

Ready to brush the dust off those old tapes?

Amy xx


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